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Essentials for managing your Life rafts

(SOLAS Requirements)

Life rafts are survival equipment that are provided as a rescue appliance on every merchant ship or passenger ship, as well as lifeboats.
Launching life rafts is much easier than launching lifeboats. In an emergency, the ship can be evacuated without releasing any manually, as the life rafts are designed with an automated inflatable system.

Solas essential requirements for life rafts

  • All life rafts provided on board ships must be given their painter permanently attached to the ship.
  • Life rafts should be stored to allow manual release of one raft or container at a time from the insurance arrangements.
  • Each life raft shall be stowed in a free-float arrangement complying with the requirements so that each floats free of charge. If it is an inflatable raft, it should inflate automatically when the x`ship sinks.
  • A liferaft with a carrying capacity of less than six people cannot be allowed to transport people.
  • The liferaft should be equipped with an efficient hydrostatic, so that the possibility of improper operation of the device is excluded.
  • Davit-launched life rafts should be stored within reach of lifting hooks unless some transport is provided, which does not become inoperable within trimming and existing limits as required or due to ship movement or power outages.
  • Life rafts for launching from the ship must be stored so that they can be easily moved for launch on both sides of the ship.


All life rafts must be serviced:

  • At intervals not exceeding 12 months
  • At appropriate service stations with appropriate service facilities and trained professionals