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At SHARAF we understand that quality matters and as part of our mission, we aim to maximize customer satisfaction in all aspects of our products and services, recognizing that providing value to our customers every step of the way is the most effective strategy to achieve this.

This includes the effective application of systems, continuous improvement and the assurance of conformity to the applicable customer statutory and regulatory requirement.

International Standards

We have introduced measurement and auditing programs to align our practices with environmental regulations and best practices in all areas of our business activities.

We passionately care about the world around us and as a proof of our commitment to the natural environment, SHARAF is proud to be ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.


We are committed to protecting the environment by doing everything we can to operate in a way which is both environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable. We perpetually monitor our emissions, waste and product recyclability to ensure we constantly strive to reduce our impact on the environment.

Our immediate focus is to embrace the environmental challenge by making regular and continuous improvements and to constantly seek out opportunities to better our environmental performance.

Also, at Sharaf we aim to make a positive contribution to protecting the environment – by tackling what we can, where we can as well as educating and encouraging best practice throughout our company.


People are our company’s most valuable resource. Therefore we take a responsible approach to safety issues both in the workplace and during off-site assignments.

We conduct rigorous training sessions and briefings on how to perform complex tasks safely for everyone involved. In case of emergency situations, we have developed new guidelines to reduce risks and support a safe working environment.

Leading the market since 1975

Sharaf Corporation established itself servicing life rafts, through the local authority approval, it is now recognized by international manufacturers and IACS members in Egypt as the only fully approved service station in the Middle East.