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Are you really sure your Lifeboat is ready?

A lifeboat is one of the most important equipment on any ship. If the worst occurs, you’ll need to be able to safely evacuate the ship and find a safe spot to stay until you’re rescued. However, no matter how strong the lifeboat is made, it must be tested on a regular basis to assure your complete safety.

There are different Types of Lifeboats:

  • Open Lifeboats:
  • Closed Lifeboats:
    • Totally enclosed lifeboats
    • Partially enclosed lifeboat.
  • Free Fall Lifeboats.



Whatever your lifeboat type, Make sure you’re always ready with regular lifeboat inspections. Regular lifeboat inspection and maintenance will guarantee that your equipment is in good working order.

It’s must to perform annual and 5-yearly lifeboat inspections in accordance with IMO and SOLAS criteria. Lifeboat inspections and maintenance include the following:

  • launching appliances inspections.
  • Release gears inspections.
  • Re-hooking of lifeboat release gears.
  • Load testing of cranes.
  • Hydro-testing of fire-protected lifeboat air cylinders.
  • Complete overloading.

Lifeboat inspections should be performed at least once a year to ensure safety. Aside from that, it’s a good idea to keep a tight eye on your own ship’s lifeboats. With that said, it is advisable to leave a lifeboat inspection to the certified engineers who are trained to perform the high-risk activities include operational tests and loads.es and prevents splashing.